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September 2-7,  2024

Be a part of it!

on Labor Day

For over 86 years, Labor Day week brings members and friends of our community together to celebrate the successes of the previous year. And what better place than the fair to bring together farms and families for fun! Join us for this week long celebration and in whatever capacity you can, too...

Be a part of it!

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Ladies & gentlemen...
we have a winner!!!

At the 2023 Waterford Community Fair, 13-year-old Madison Link of Waterford took First Place in the Homemade Chocolate Cake Contest, making her eligible to enter the 2024 PA Farm Show competition in January.

Madison and her family traveled to Harrisburg the day before judging with two sets of base cakes, just in case – which turned out to be a good idea – one set got squished by water bottles in the car. Madison, then made the from scratch frosting and ganache in a hotel room and assembled the cake for submission. 

At the Farm Show, the made from scratch layered chocolate cakes were judged on flavor,  texture, inside characteristics, outside characteristics, and frosting. Of the 79 cakes entered in the competition it was the taste of Madison’s cake that put her on top!  Along with a First Place Blue Ribbon, Madison was also awarded a cash premium of $500!

Named “J’s Slice of Heaven Cake” Madison describes her cake as a “normal classic  chocolate cake” with a peanut butter buttercream frosting. When asked how she came  up with the name, Madison responded with “My nickname is ‘J’ and a friend said the cake was a slice of heaven.”


If you'd like your own "slice of heaven" here's the recipe!


On behalf of Madison Link, Waterford Fair President, John Burawa receives an engraved award plaque from PA Department of Agriculture, Fair Fund Administrator Tracy Barone commemorating her winning entry!



 2pm - Close

Tuesday thru Friday 

5pm - Close


Noon - Close


Exhibit Registration

13012 US-19

PO Box 498

Waterford, PA  16441

Download Entry Forms

$4.00 admission per person

Children 8 and under - FREE

$8.00 Weekly Admission 

Fair BOOSTER Buttons Available



Join Us!


E.L. Heard & Son,

Finck Tire,

Jake's on the Park,

The Waterford Hotel,

NAPA (Waterford, Union City, Corry)

Linda Falconer or any

Waterford Fair Director

Enjoy a pictorial offering of our fair!

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Something for everyone, of every age,
on every day!


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