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Junior Fair Board

If you are outgoing with an active interest in community involvement and take a special pride in the annual Waterford Community Fair, then we are looking for you!  Waterford Community Junior Fair Board members will have the opportunity to learn about our fair and the fair industry, increase agriculture education to our guests, participate in community service, expand your leadership skills and be involved with an amazing group of like-minded youth working to make our fair better each year.


Applicants do not need to have an interest or experience with just agriculture, as we are looking for a variety of interests and talents being they will be involved in all aspects of the fair including office work, marketing and advertising, home show exhibits, track events and livestock events. The Waterford Community Junior Fair Board is made up of High School students from Erie and Crawford County between the ages of 15 and 19.


Those wishing to serve on the board must submit the application along with one letter of recommendation. After the applications are reviewed prospective members are interviewed by the advisory panel. Once selected to be on the Junior Fair Board, members will serve a 1 year term and can re-apply for future years. The Junior Fair board will be limited to 12 members. Two ($250 each) scholarships will be awarded each year to be used towards college/military/vocational school expenses.


Applicants should return their applications by February 28, 2023 to Melissa Kingen, 2510 Stone Quarry Road, Waterford, PA 16441 or scan and email at Applicants will be notified by March 30, 2023 of the decision.

Qualifications for Junior Fair Board Member
•Live in Erie or Crawford County

•Be the ages of 15 to 19 as of July 1st

•Be able to fulfill a one-year term as a Junior Fair Board member (January through October). Your term will be for one year and you can re-apply each year.

•Complete the Junior Fair Board application including signed parent/guardian consent

•Have one signed letter of recommendation from a non-family member

•Be willing to promote the Fair in a positive manner and as a positive educational opportunity for youth

•Abide by the rules and the responsibilities set for the Waterford Community Fair Junior Board

•Maintain a professional, positive, and cooperative attitude with fairgoers, Junior Fair Board members, as well as other fair staff and volunteers.

•Use appropriate dress, behavior, and language when representing the Waterford Community Fair

•Support the decisions, policies, and activities of the Junior Fair Board and use good judgement when making decisions.

•Attend a minimum of six (6) Junior Fair Board meetings and/or work bees/events at the Waterford Community Fairgrounds.  (The number of meetings of the Junior Fair Board is suggested to be once a month but will be determined by the activities planned.)

•Work a minimum number of 10 hours during the Waterford Community Fair as reported to the Junior Fair Board Advisors
•To perform, in a satisfactory and cooperative manner, all duties and tasks as assigned to him or her prior and/or during the Fair.

•Duties and tasks assigned to Junior Fair Board members will vary greatly. Duties may include assisting/shadowing any Fair Board member in any area of the fair, helping or coordinating with certain events (track events, registrations, home show, demonstrations, weigh-ins, check-ins, livestock sale, home show, fun day, fair clean-up, tag-ins, camper/boat storage, volunteer picnic, etc.), taking surveys, office tasks, marketing and advertising, transporting people or items via golf cart, and other duties as assigned.

Benefits to Junior Fair Board Members
•Be a part of the Waterford Community Fair while learning how the Waterford Community Fair is planned and works.

•Learn and develop time management, communication, teamwork, leadership, and goal setting skills

•Learn to plan, prepare, cooperate, and carry out certain fair events led by the Junior Fair Board

•Have a “voice” in improving the Waterford Community Fair and the Junior Board activities

•Free admittance to Waterford Community Fair with additional privileges as designated by the Waterford Fair Board of Directors

•Having fun while working at the Waterford Community Fair

Code of Conduct-Dismissal
• Any Junior Board member who does not perform his or her responsibilities to the satisfaction of the Waterford Fair Board Directors may be dismissed at any time prior or during the Waterford Community Fair.

For more information or questions, please contact Waterford Fair Board Director and Junior Fair Board Advisor, Melissa Kingen at 814-720-1140 or email at



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