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Apairy and Maple Products

Department 23

Don & Lia Ghering - Co-Chairmen

(814) 796-2790

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Premiums: 1st - $6.00, 2nd - $5.00; 3rd - $4.00; 4th - $3.00

  • Class 1 to be judged on uniformity of color, bees, presence of queen, brood, and honey, cleanliness, and appearance of  observation hive.

  • Comb honey to be judged of perfection in filling, capped uniformity, neatness, and cleanliness of section.

  • Extracted honey to be judged on body, clarity and cleanliness.

  • Beeswax to be judged on color and purity.

Class Descriptions:

1. Bees, any race. One frame observation hive.  

2  Honey

  A. Light comb, 1 section 

  B. Dark comb, 1 section 

  C. Light extracted honey, 1 one-pound or 1 pint jar 

  D. Amber extracted honey, 1 one-pound or 1 pint jar 

  E. Dark amber extracted honey, 1 one-pound or 1 pint jar 

  F. Finely crystallized honey, 1 one-pound or 1 pint jar 

 3.  Beeswax, not less than three pounds 

 4.  Collective exhibit of honey, wax, home products, and bees.

Section 2 - Maple Syrup and Maple Products

Premiums: 1st - $6.00, 2nd - $5.00; 3rd - $4.00; 4th - $3.00

Syrup and sugar to be judged on flavor, appearance and texture.


Class Descriptions:

1.  Maple syrup

  A. Pint (any size/type container)

  1. Golden 

  2. Amber  

  3. Dark  

  4. Very Dark 

  B. Fancy Glassware any size.

  C. Novice Class - any size and container

For the novice producing les than 10 gallons of maple syrup

during the season

2.  Maple Products

  A.  Maple sugar, 1/4 pound or larger

  B.  Maple cream, 1/4 pound or larger

  C.  Maple sugar, soft, small individual cakes, not less than 1/4   pound

  D.  Collective exhibit - shall be made up of samples, at least one   of each, corresponding to those in classes

1, 2, 3 and 4.    Products in this class cannot compete in any other classes.