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Farm Tractor Pull Saturday - September 8, 2018

Department 22 - Contests

Weigh-In at Waterford Fairgrounds

Open at 10:00am - Close at 11:30am


Non-Turbo  4,000 lbs. - 5,000 lbs. - 7,000 lbs. -   9,000 lbs. - 12,000 lbs.

Turbo           5,000 lbs. - 7,000 lbs. - 9,000 lbs. - 12,000 lbs. - 13,500 lbs. - 15,500 lbs.


PRIZES: 1st - $50.00  2nd-$40.00   3rd - $30.00   4th - $20.00   5th - $10.00

Trophies to be awarded for 1st and 2nd place in each class. - Ribbons for each prize.


1.       Open to any farm tractor on rubber tires.

2.       Tractors will pull from weight transfer machine.

3.       Tractors will pull on a dirt track.

4.       Dual tires, tire studs or chains are not permitted.

5.       Weights, such as concrete blocks, anvils, railroad irons, high-lifts, log chains, etc. will be barred from the contest in the               interest of safety.

6.       No excessive spinning will be allowed, particularly after the load cannot be moved. (Judges decision is final in this                       manner.)

7.       In case of dispute on weight, the disputed winner must be weighed out.

8.       Driver must remain seated at all times.

9.       All pulls must start from a tight hitch. NO JERKING ALLOWED.

10.     Tractors must remain within boundaries of contest course during the pull will be disqualified.

11.     All operators must be at least 16 years of age.

12.     The Fair Board will not be responsible for any accidents.

13.     All contestants will be assigned a number to be displayed on the tractor.

14.     Judges have the right to stop and disqualify any tractor being operated in an unsafe manner.

15.     Consumption of alcoholic beverages prior to pulling will mean disqualification.

16.     All tractors must be in neutral or park (transmission selector) while being hitched or unhitched.

17.     Contestant must pull at position drawn; any delay will mean disqualification, unless notice is given to judges, contestant            will then pull last.

18.     Draw bar to be stationary in all directions, 20" from top of draw bar, parallel to the ground.

19.     Tractors may jump one class.

20.     Non-turbo tractors may elect to pull in turbo class but may only pull in two classes total.

21.     First puller in each class may forfeit first pull, then pull sixth.

22.     All rules subject to change.

23.     No tractor can exceed 3000 rpm. Can be checked at any time if judges question tractor rpm.

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