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Wines & Beers

Department 21

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Section 1 - Wines

Premiums: 1st - $11.00;   2nd-$9.00;   3rd-$6.00

  1.   Commercial and non-commercial classes allowed

  2.   Only one entry (one bottle) per category 

  3.   All bottles must be labeled with the year

  4.   No transportation certificate of Federal Registration is required for non-commercial wines.


Class Descriptions:

1.  Table Wines-Dry or Semi-Sweet, less than 3% sugar

  A.  White

  1.  Old Eastern Grape Varieties

  2.  Hybrid Grape Varieties

  a.  Seyval

  b.  Vidal 

  c.  Any other

  3.  Vinifera Grape Varieties

  4.  Blended

  5.  Other Fruits 

  B.  Red

  1.  Old Eastern Grape Varieties 

  2.  Hybrid Grape Varieties 

  3.  Vinifera Grape Varieties   

  4.  Blended  

  5.  Other Fruits 

2.   Pink and Rose Wines-Dry or Semi-sweet, less than 3% sugar

  A.   Grape   

  B.   Other fruits 

3.  Sweet Wines-3% or more sugar

  A.  Grape, White

  B.   Grape, Red  

  C.   Other Fruits 

  D.   Pink

  E.  Blossom or Honey  

4.   Sparkling Wines

  A.   White  

  B.   Red  

  C.   Pink 

5.   Most attractive packaging-standard wine bottle, label capsule, etc.



Section 2 - Homemade Beers

Premiums: 1st - $6.00, 2nd - $5.00; 3rd - $4.00


  1.   Open to Pennsylvania residents only.

  2.   Brew must be shown in glass bottles, 7-32 oz. size with a crown cap.

  3.   All labels and writing must be removed from the bottle.

  4.   An exhibitor may enter 3 home brews, but only one per class, one entry ticket.

  5.   Judging will be based on aroma, appearance, flavor, body, drinkability and overall impressions.

  6.   Judges will be professional brewers and approved judges.


Class Descriptions:

1.    Ale, Light (American to Pales)  

2.    Ale, Amber (Reds, Bitters) 

3.    Ale, Dark (Browns to Stouts) 

4.    Lagers, Light (Pils, Vienna, Marzen)  

5.    Lagers, Dark (Bocks) 

6.   Specialty Brews (Fruit, Spices)  

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