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Floral Department

Department 17

 Presented By:
  Flower Show Committee
Waterford Garden Club - Cambridge Garden Club

General Rules:

1.          Entries will be accepted between 8:00 AM and 8:00 PM on Sunday.

2.          Artificial plant material is not permitted in any class of the flower show.

3.          Plant material on the Pennsylvania State Conservation list, endangered or invasive, is                   not permitted.

4.          Container grown plants must have been in the exhibitor’s care and possession for at                     least 3 months.

5.          All entries in the Horticulture Division must have been grown by the exhibitor.

6.          Plant material used in the Design Division need not have been grown by exhibitor.

7.          Glass containers will be furnished for all cut specimens.

8.          Any plant material observed to be diseased or have insect infestation will be refused                     entry.

9.          The Floral Department reserves the right to remove any plant material in unfit                               condition.

10.         Judging will begin at 9:00 AM, Monday.

11.        Awarding will be by the Standard System of Awarding.

12.        Exhibits may be viewed from 1:00 PM Monday through 8:00 PM Saturday

13.        All exhibits must be picked up between 8:00 & 9:00 PM Saturday evening.


The floral department will not be responsible for returning unclaimed exhibits.

Glossary of Terms

1.          3 blooms  - 3 individual flowers on 3 separate stems with   foliage attached to stems.

2.          Disbudded   - Removal of surplus buds/blooms along a stem   to promote growth of                      terminal bud.

3.          Scape  -  Leafless stem holding the flower

4.          Spike  -  Elongated flower cluster in which florets are   directly attached to the main                       stem.

5.          Spray  -  Group of florets and foliage on a branched   stem.

6.          Stalk  -   The primary stem or axis of a non-woody plant.

7.          Stem  -   The leaf and flower bearing support structure of   a plant.

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