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Department 11

Youth Exhibits



1.       Entries must be made between 9:00am and 8:00pm Sunday, September 5, 2021.

2.       The use of or displaying of artificial flowers or fruit is prohibited.

3.       The use of conservation material such as arbutus, ground pine, or dogwood is prohibited.

4.       Plants will not be judged unless they have been grown in containers for at least three months.

5.       The management will not undertake to return exhibits or be responsible for same.

6.       Flowers or plants entered for competition must be more than ordinary standard and quality to be entitled to an award.

7.       The committee may at any time order the removal of any exhibit which is in bad condition. Any article manifestly unfit to              show may be excluded.

8.       All entries must be grown by the exhibitor except in design classes.

9.       Judging will begin at 9:00am Tuesday. 

10.    Exhibits may be viewed from 1:00pm Tuesday through 8:00pm Saturday.

11.    All entries must be removed between 8:00pm and 9:00pm Saturday.

12.    Additional awards to be made by Waterford Fair Association.

13.    Containers will be furnished for all cut specimens.

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1.    3 BLOOMS:       3 individual flowers on separate stems with foliage   attached to stem.

2.    SPRAY:               A main stem with side branches and blooms on all   sides with attached foliage.

3.    DISBUDDING:  The removal of lateral buds along the stem of a  flower to promote the development of a large                                          terminal   bloom for exhibition purposes.

4.    SPIKE:                A lengthened flower cluster in which the flowers are   practically stemless. Ex: Gladiolus

5.    STALK:               The stem or axis of a plant especially a non-wooded one.

6.    STEM:                Any main or lateral axis of a plant which develops from a bud, possesses nodes and internodes                                       and bears leaves and buds at the nodes.

Glossary of Terms

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