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Department 2

Upon arrival, all livestock exhibits (including out of state entries) must present a current "Certificate of Veterinary Inspection" (CVI) form.

Pennsylvania Cattle  -         CVI issued after May 1, current year

Out of State Cattle -            CVI Issued within 30 days prior to date of                                                                            importation

Dairy Cattle

 Dale Chapman - Chairman

 (814) 796-4273


NOTICE:  The listing of cattle entries closes August 19. Arrange for them by that time so that

space can be reserved.

  1. All entries must be mailed with a check made payable to:  The Waterford Fair Association,                                           $2.00 per animal/per department to:  Dale  Chapman,11362 West Greene Road, Waterford, PA 16441.  No phone            nor hand  delivered entries will be accepted. Entries without entry fee will be returned.

  2. Consult your Fair Book carefully in all departments, there is a great variety of choice.

  3. All entries must be in not later than 9:00pm,  August 19, on the entry form. Must have classes on entry form.

  4. Open class animals may not be removed before 10:00pm Saturday or prizes will be forfeited.

  5.  All exhibits will be under the control and direction of the livestock committee, but the Fair Association will in no case be responsible for any consequential or other loss, injury or damage done to, or occasioned by, or arising from any animal exhibited by the exhibitor.

  6. The Fair Board will put forth every effort to protect all exhibits, but all exhibitors of livestock will be responsible for the care and feeding of the animals and also daily removal of manure from the barn. 

  7. No alcoholic beverages are permitted in barn. Smoking in the barns and tents is forbidden by rules and regulations of   the Fair Association.

  8. No hay will be furnished by the Waterford Fair Association.

Click the download link below for all sections, classes and premiums for Department 2 - Dairy Cattle

Includes class definition for all breeds as well as special departmental award information.

Download PDF
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