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2017 Charity Hog

Each year members of one of the Erie County 4H clubs raises a charity hog to be auctioned at The Waterford Fair Livestock Auction, with the proceeds to benefit a local charity.

The Keepin' it Country 4H club brought a 236 lb. hog to the auction and shattered all previous sale records when guest auctioneer, State Senator Dan Laughlin, slammed the gavel at the closing price of  $60.00/lb., representing a total sale of $14,160.00.

The high bid of $60.00/lb. was the result of a joint bidding effort by Vitelli Drywall and the Fiske Whitetail Deer farm.


Grady's Decision, a non-profit organization, was created to assist families experiencing premature births as well as those families with children needing specialized medical attention.  Grady's Decision can provide assistance with parking costs, food, housing near hospitals and transportation needs as well as spiritual and emotional support.

To learn more about Grady's decision...please visit their web site at

Congratulations to all involved in a phenomenal effort with a very special thanks to Mary & Mike Vitelli of Vitelli Drywall, and Jesse Fiske from The Fiske Whitetail Deer Farm.  Also gratitude extended to Kelly Erectors and Raisin Ranch Farms for their cash donations to Grady's Decision.

The 2018 Erie County 4H Youth Livestock Auction will be held Thursday, September 6th, 2018 at 6:00pm at the Waterford Community Fair fairgrounds.

Senator Laughlin makes good on his promise to "kiss the hog" if sale record was broken.

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